We’re committed to providing you with the greatest halal information possible, with a focus on food, money, and lifestyle. To do this, we thoroughly investigate each area.

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We are Halal Thinker

We created this website to assist North Americans in leading halal lifestyles while managing daily life. After a decade in North America, it was challenging to decide what to buy, where to spend our money, and other lifestyle decisions because we were constantly asking, “Is it halal?”

We also created this website in an effort to satisfy our search for the single most comprehensive source that could inform us and respond to the countless queries we had.

We try to find information for Muslims across the globe!
Connecting Muslims

There are 4 main schools of Islam and they do sometimes have conflicting opinions on whether something is halal or not. We will answer all the queries a Muslim could have in their life through proper Islamic knowledge with references from the Quran and Hadith. Our vision is to get all the information and combine it for our Muslim community no matter which school of thought they follow.

It’s our mission to educate Muslims across the globe with all the information on how to live a halal Islamic life.

We make every effort to give you access to all available information so that YOU may determine whether or not anything qualifies as halal.