Is Lottery Haram?

is lottery haram

Most scholars consider playing the lottery haram just like gambling as it’s prohibited in the Quran and the Hadith.

The lottery is widespread in our daily lives and we see news of lottery winners on a monthly basis which many Muslims might consider playing the lottery. This brings up the question of whether playing the lottery is halal or haram. Let’s find out what Islam says about the lottery.

Is Lottery Haram In Islam?

Allah warns Muslims against playing the lottery and gambling in several verses of the Quran.

“O believers! Intoxicants, gambling, idols, and drawing lots for decisions1 are all evil of Satan’s handiwork. So shun them so you may be successful.”

[Quran 5:90]

Allah has specifically prohibited gambling for Muslims. Playing the lottery is the same as gambling. Generally, many people buy the lottery ticket and one or a few wins the amount. This is pure luck that many people lose and few win. All these rules of the lottery are the same as gambling.

Islam believes in working in order for gaining money or some kind of give and take. Gambling or playing the lottery doesn’t involve any work whatsoever. All it involves is greed and wishing other people lose their money in order for you to win.

Wishing to get others’ money like this is not allowed in Islam. Muslims believe that all human beings are brothers and have to live as a family together in the world so any form of wishing down on others is not acceptable.

Allah also said:

“They ask you ˹O Prophet˺ about intoxicants and gambling. Say, “There is great evil in both, as well as some benefit for people—but the evil outweighs the benefit.”1 They ˹also˺ ask you ˹O Prophet˺ what they should donate. Say, “Whatever you can spare.” This is how Allah makes His revelations clear to you ˹believers˺, so perhaps you may reflect”

[Quran 2:219]

The great sin far outweighs the many benefits, however numerous they are.

Many scholars have written fatwa against playing the lottery and consider it haram and a major sin in Islam.

“ It is not permissible for the Muslims to engage in any kind of gambling at all, whether the money collected from gambling is to spent on charitable projects or otherwise, because it is evil and forbidden, as indicated by the general meaning of the evidence (daleel), and because the earnings derived from gambling are among the kinds of earnings which we must avoid and beware of. And Allaah is the Source of strength.”

[Fataawa Islamiyyah, 4/442]

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Is The Lottery Money Haram?

When playing the lottery is haram, the winning amount of the lottery will also be haram on any Muslim.

Wealth is also a big test and all the haram money or wealth is a major sin.

Muslims are not allowed to play the lottery but if somehow he or she has played by mistake or someone gifted them the lottery ticket and now they have won. The question here arises what should be done with that winning amount?

Abu Barzah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:

Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “Man’s feet will not move on the Day of Resurrection before he is asked about his life, how did he consume it, his knowledge, what did he do with it, his wealth, how did he earn it and how did he dispose of it, and about his body, how did he wear it out.”

[Riyad as-Salihin 407]

Haram income is a major sin and if one Muslim has won the lottery then it will be a major sin to use up the haram wealth on yourself.

The best practice is to give all the lottery winning amounts to a charity. Keep in mind that this charity won’t give you any reward as the money that went to charity wasn’t yours in the first place.

Fatwa from Darul Iftaa:

“The ruling on money gained from playing the lottery is similar to that of all other unlawfully acquired money, in that it should be given in charity to poor people without the intention of receiving reward, as explained in many earlier posts.”

Winning The Lottery

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Is Lucky Draw Haram In Islam?

In general, lucky draws are considered halal in Islam because the winner does not have to lose anything.

If the lucky draw requires entry money or a ticket, this will be considered haram because you are paying to enter the drawing for the winning prize.

If there is no entry fee and participation is open to all, the lucky draw will be permitted in Islam for the sole purpose of promoting your brand.

Is Selling The Lottery Tickets Haram?

Buying and selling lottery tickets are both deemed haram in Islam. It’s due to the fact that the one who is selling the ticket is also involved in a major sin and is participating in the haram activity.

Allah says:

“Cooperate with one another in goodness and righteousness, and do not cooperate in sin and transgression. And be mindful of Allah. Surely Allah is severe in punishment.”

[Quran 5:2]

Fatwa on working and selling the lottery tickets:

“it is not permissible for you to accept work as a lottery cashier even if this will lead you to be dismissed from your work unless, by leaving your work, you might cause destruction to the people you are obliged to provide for. In this case, it is permissible for you to carry out this type of work but you have in the meantime to look for another job.”


Some scholars also state that it will be haram to work in a place where lottery tickets are being sold. There are also those who argue that if the place you work only deals in minor lottery business and the major business or earnings come from other halal sources, then it is okay to work there as long as you do not directly sell the tickets.

Selling The Lottery Is Haram

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Final Thoughts

Haram’s income is simple to obtain. The easier it is to obtain, the further you are from purity. An obsession with haram income encourages corruption. It encourages the looting of public funds. Gambling and playing the lottery come in the haram and anything won from the lottery is haram too.

It is haram in Islam to buy lottery tickets, sell them, and win money from the lottery.

A Muslim should always pray this and avoid anything to do with the lottery:

“O Allah, guide us and protect us from falling for haram income. O Allah, forgive our past practices in haram income. O Allah, purify our wealth from any form of haram. O Allah, make us satisfied with your halal provision, against the haram provision. And enrich us with your bounty above anyone else’s bounty.”

And Allah Knows Best.

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