Who Is Allah?

who is Allah

Muslims are often asked by non-Muslims who is Allah. According to Islam, God’s name is Allah. In Arabic, “Allah” refers to the one and only eternal God or Creator and Provider of the universe.

While this is the simplest answer we will cover all information in detail regarding Allah in Islam.

Who Is Allah In Islam?

There are many names of God in Islam. The most popular one is Allah. Muslims call upon God with this name as this is the dearest to God.

The word Allah means One Creator. The oneness of God is the prime goal here. God wants Muslims to call Him by the name which emphasizes One. Allah is the only true God and no other is worthy of worship except Him.

If you wish to become a Muslim or generally if you want to say the Islamic statement of testimony also called shahada the wordings are: “There is no God but Allah”.

The superiority of saying “La ilaha ill-Allah” is mentioned in the following hadith.

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said,” Whoever says: “La ilaha illal-lah wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahu-l-mulk wa lahul- hamd wa huwa ‘ala kulli shai’in qadir,” one hundred times will get the same reward as given for manumitting ten slaves; and one hundred good deeds will be written in his accounts, and one hundred sins will be deducted from his accounts, and it (his saying) will be a shield for him from Satan on that day till night, and nobody will be able to do a better deed except the one who does more than he.”

[Sahih al-Bukhari 6403]

The word Islam, which means submission, was not founded by Muhammad. It was pointing to the fundamental religion of all people – and even the universe itself, which, like us, was created to serve Allah.

Various reasons have led people to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews. Allah is simply the Arabic name for the sole God who has always existed, so this statement is false.

Surely, Muslims worship the God of Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus – may their souls rest in peace. Despite this, it is undeniable that Jews, Christians, and Muslims all hold different views about Almighty God.

“Allah” is the same word used by Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews to refer to God. In the Arabic Bible, the word “Allah” is used whereas the word “God” is used in English.

According to Islam, the concept of the One True God reflects the unique relationship between God and mankind. In Islam, Allah is the Almighty, who created and sustains the universe, and who is unlike anything else.

He is the Creator of Destiny, and nothing happens in this world without His consent. Nothing is impossible for Him. All He needs to say is Be to make miracles happen.

Allah is also the most merciful. He will forgive you no matter how many sins you commit or how many times you err. If you turn to him with a heart full of guilt and a resolve never to make the same mistake again.

There is no one like Him. He does not require a match or a partner because He is sufficient. Only He is deserving of praise. There are no other noble souls or statues that can help us in any way.

Quran also emphasizes the One True Creator.

“Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “He is Allah—One ˹and Indivisible˺;”

[Quran 112:1]

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The Names Of Allah

Allah is referred to in the Quran as the Lord of the Worlds. Apart from Allah, the Quran mentions several other names of God.

The Creator, King, Almighty, and All-Seer are among them. Allah is also the Master of the Day of Judgment, when the righteous, particularly believers, will be sent to their celestial recompense, while the wicked, particularly unbelievers, will be sent to hellfire.

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Allah In Quran

There are many places where Allah is mentioned in the Quran that tell us the importance of this name.

A Muslim believes that God has no partners or partners who share His divinity or sovereignty and that God, unlike His creations, is transcendent.

“Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “He is Allah—One ˹and Indivisible˺;”

[Quran 112:1]

“Allah—the Sustainer ˹needed by all˺.”

[Quran 112:2]

“He has never had offspring, nor was He born.”

[Quran 112:3]

“And there is none comparable to Him.”

[Quran 112:4]

“And Allah brought you out of the wombs of your mothers while you knew nothing, and gave you hearing, sight, and intellect so perhaps you would be thankful.”

[Quran 16:78]

“No vision can encompass Him, but He encompasses all vision. For He is the Most Subtle, All-Aware.”

[Quran 6:103]

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What Kind Of God Is Allah?

Allah is the only deity and creator of the universe in Islam and is equivalent to God in other Abrahamic religions. He is the Most Merciful anyone could find. He is the only God and no other is equal to Him.

Does Allah Mean God?

Among the many beautiful names of God is the name Allah. In Islam, Allah refers to the One and Only God who is worthy of worship.

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