Are Cheetos Halal or Haram?

are cheetos halal

There are many different types of snacks, but some stand out due to their flavor. Teenagers and grownups both enjoy Cheetos to the same extent. This raises the issue of whether or not they are halal.

Due to the inclusion of animal enzymes, PepsiCo confirms that both Hot Cheetos and ordinary Cheetos are not Halal.

Cheetos are not halal due to their ingredients. Whey and cheese, both of which include rennet, are found in Cheetos. People who live in non-Muslim nations should refrain from eating Cheetos because rennet from haram sources is haram.

Why Are Cheetos Haram?

why are cheetos haram

We can’t say that Cheetos are always haram. In fact, what makes Cheetos haram is the rennet which is used in the cheese included in Cheetos. The rennet includes animal enzymes which are usually not slaughtered. Cheetos also include whey which sometimes is derived from pork. Again making Cheetos haram for Muslims.

Now if you live in a Muslim country I assume Cheetos there would be halal. The rennet used in them would be from a slaughtered halal animal plus the whey used will also be halal.

Most cheese and whey may not be halal if they use rennet.

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Here in North America Cheetos are not halal.

You should check the ingredients of Cheetos or contact their customer support for help and they should guide you if Cheetos in your country is halal or not.

As an example, this brother found halal Cheetos in Saudia Arabia.

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Is Flaming Hot Cheetos Halal?

You might also come across Flaming Hot Cheetos. These are the hottest and most tasty kinds of Cheetos out there. Some of the ingredients in Flaming Hot Cheetos aren’t halal, despite the fact that the majority of them come from edible plants and are therefore halal.

Flaming Hot Cheetos are considered haram cause pig derived animal enzymes present. If you are a good Muslim I must suggest you stay away from these.

Do Cheetos have pork?

Depends on the place you live. Cheetos include animal enzymes and whey which might come from pork if you live in a non-Muslim country. However, if you live in a Muslim nation I guess no pork will be involved in the making of Cheetos.

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Do Cheetos contain alcohol?

No, Cheetos don’t contain alcohol in any of their products.

Are Cheetos Halal in America?

No, the animal enzyme included in Cheetos might include pork or other haram animals which makes Cheetos in North America not halal.

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Final Thoughts

I came to the conclusion that Cheetos can be both halal or haram depending on where you live. The ingredients of Cheetos make it halal or haram. If you live in North America or any other non-Muslim country Cheetos probably are not halal as the animal enzyme used is haram.

However, if you live in a Muslim state Cheetos will be halal for you cause of all the halal ingredients used.

And Allah Knows Best.

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