Is Beef Jerky Halal?

is beef jerky halal

If you enjoy beef jerky and live in North America or another non-Muslim country, you will need to find halal beef jerky. Muslims are unaware that it is simple to make and you can buy halal beef jerky as well from the market.

To be considered halal, beef jerky must be slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law, and all other ingredients must also be permissible. If all ingredients and beef are halal, then beef jerky will be halal.

Halal Beef Jerky

halal beef jerky

The meat is the major component of halal beef jerky. The strips are made from beef, and for the beef jerky to be halal, the beef must also be halal.

According to Islamic law, the animal must be slaughtered alone apart from other animals, with all of the blood being drained. Additionally, the animal should be slaughtered in God’s name by the person doing it.

You can also use Kosher beef as it is also allowed in Islam. Jews slaughter the animals the same way as Muslims do and it is halal.

If you are making halal beef jerky at home you need to make sure all the ingredients you are using to give the beef jerky its flavor are also halal. Islam emphasizes the ingredients a lot.

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Why Have Halal Beef Jerky

beef jerky

Beef jerky is a common protein-filled quick snack you can find on the go. I travel a lot with family and when we are on a long route I hate stopping by every hour or two when someone gets hungry.

So I just keep beef jerky packets with me in the car. You can fulfill your hunger and won’t even need to stop the car next time.

Beef jerky is also full of protein and has an amazing taste. Keep halal jerky on you whenever you are traveling next time. It’s quite convenient on the go.

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How To Make Halal Beef Jerky

To begin with, we require halal beef that was slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law. The beef must next be sliced into lengthy pieces.

Spices and herbs are combined to create the seasoning. The beef strips must be marinated in this flavor.

Cook the steak over a low flame for a while until it dries up. Put it in an airtight container after it has cooled.

View the video below for more information.

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Halal Beef Jerky In America

If you live in America I have found halal beef jerky products which you can directly buy if you don’t want to cook at home.

These are all halal certified and I have made sure totally safe for Muslims.


  • Black Pepper Beef Jerky
  • Sweet BBQ Beef Jerky
  • Original Beef Jerky
  • Teriyaki Beef Jerky
  • Spicy Beef Jerky
  • Jalapeno Jerky
  • Smokey Toms Turkey Snack Sticks
  • Original Beef Snack Stick
  • Teriyaki Beef Snack Stick
  • Jalapeno Beef Snack Stick

Just visit this website and order from the many flavors:

Final Thoughts

Beef jerky is a high-protein quick snack that you can keep at home or while traveling so you can have something to eat without cooking. Muslims can only eat halal beef and you have many flavors and options to choose halal beef jerky.

Choose your favorite flavor and order from the site mentioned above or you can make halal beef jerky at home as well.

And Allah Knows Best.

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