Are Botox And Fillers Haram?

are botox and fillers haram

Muslims often ask the question are botox and fillers haram? Botox or fillers, like cosmetic improvements and operations, are considered haram in Islam because they are seen as changing Allah’s creation.

Is Botox Haram?

Botox is the procedure performed when one person wants to look more attractive or merely just to alter the way they look.

As an example think of a beautiful model who performs botox to enhance her facial features to look attractive. This will change how she looks, hence changing the Creator’s creation. You should also read Is Plastic Surgery Haram?

Many scholars believe botox is a result of Western civilization’s materialistic design, which focuses primarily on the body and its desires. Their growing popularity is largely due to the media and the standards set by Hollywood and sports figures.

Botox is prohibited in the Quran and Hadith because it involves interfering with the natural way God made a person without a justifiable reason.

“Instead of Allah, they only invoke female gods and they ˹actually˺ invoke none but a rebellious Satan—cursed by Allah—who said, “I will surely take hold of a certain number of Your servants. I will certainly mislead them and delude them with empty hopes. Also, I will order them and they will slit the ears of cattle1 and alter Allah’s creation.” And whoever takes Satan as a guardian instead of Allah has certainly suffered a tremendous loss.”

[Quran 4:117-119]

There is a hadith related to changing the creation of the Creator as well.

“Abdullah reported that Allah had cursed those women who tattooed and who have themselves tattooed, those who pluck hair from their faces and those who make spaces between their teeth for beautification changing what God has created.”

[Sahih Muslim 2125a]

Changing Allah’s creation merely to satisfy worldly gains and look attractive is totally haram and forbidden although some alterations are allowed in Islam. These include any surgeries done if there is a defect or abnormality present.

Any procedure that is medically required to achieve something that is normal in society is allowed for example cosmetic surgery is allowed for burn victims and other cases where medical necessity is present.

There are other reasons as well that Muslims should know. I will try to cover all of them.

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Do They Contain Animal Protein?

It is possible for these injections to contain illegal or impure substances, such as a pig or human albumin. This is a protein found in our blood plasma that is produced by our liver. It is also possible to make medicinal albumin from human blood. Some scholars and Muslim people believe that many animal products are forbidden in Islam.

Are They Safe?

Botox has a number of dangerous side effects, including trouble swallowing, breathing, and speaking. Although there may be no pain or negative effects, the possibility exists, and as such, it is not ideal to risk one’s health for the sake of increasing looks.

Islam advises us to age gracefully and to be satisfied with the gifts that our Creator has bestowed upon us. The standard of beauty is not one’s external appearance, but rather one’s piety, virtuous activities, and decent behavior toward others.

Are Fillers Haram?

Just like botox fillers are also considered haram in Islam as they are merely done again just to look more attractive for the opposite sex or to gain attention towards the beauty. Both these are haram and strictly forbidden for Muslims.

Again the changing of Allah’s creation rule will be applied. Fillers genuinely change the way lips look and feel. Hence changing the real creation Allah created you.

Although many surgeries and medical operations are allowed in Islam if medically required. If lip fillers are a necessity due to any accident or by birth default Islam allows it but if fillers are done just to look beautiful or appealing then it’s prohibited.

Generally, lip fillers are haram and only will be allowed for Muslims if medically required in order to change any abnormality found by birth or caused by an accident.

Because it is a non-surgical, non-permanent means of altering one’s appearance, there may have been a logical basis for it with the following strict conditions: it cannot be done to imitate immoral persons or to attract attention.

However, it is often done to imitate immoral people who openly sin, and to gain the attention of individuals of the opposing gender or to appear more attractive to them.

Mufti Mohammed Tosir Miah approved this:

“Unless a person has a lip deformity, in which case it may be permitted as a medical procedure with certain criteria, injecting lip fillers as a purely cosmetic procedure should be avoided. Also, it is possible that some fillers contain impure substances rendering them completely unlawful from that angle.”


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Final Thoughts

If you’re not sure how you feel about botox or lip fillers, it’s preferable to avoid them because many scholars consider them haram, or forbidden.

I’ve added Quranic verses and Hadith expressly cursing those who change Allah’s creation. A good Muslim would never want to do something that invokes Allah’s anger or a curse.

Botox or lip fillers will be allowed if it is a medical necessity in order to fix any deformity or abnormality. If done merely to look attractive is totally haram in Islam.

And Allah Knows Best.

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