Is Plastic Surgery Haram?

is plastic surgery haram

Is plastic surgery haram? Plastic surgery is classified into two types. Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to fix any birth or accident-related defects and is halal in Islam. The other is cosmetic surgery, which is often done to improve one’s appearance and is considered haram.

Is Plastic Surgery Haram In Islam?

The word “plastic” in plastic surgery, is a Greek word meaning “to form”. Plastic surgery is classified into two types. Reconstructive plastic surgery and cosmetic plastic surgery. You should also read Is Belly Piercing Haram?

There is a fatwa as well from Dar Al-Ifta on plastic surgery:

“The principle is that it is legally prohibited to conduct plastic surgery with the purpose of changing one’s appearance without a medical necessity. However, it becomes lawful if a physician determines that such a procedure will achieve either a physical or psychological benefit especially one which affects the stability of life in general and of marital life in particular. The procedure is also permissible for removing a congenital defect or one that occurs later in life.”


Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed when something is abnormal. This can be caused by birth or due to an accident or trauma.

Whatever the reason if anything is normal about the human body Islam allows plastic surgery to reform the abnormal part of the body.

Sometimes people have abnormalities since their birth for example an extra finger. In these types of cases, reconstructive plastic surgery will be performed to cut out the extra finger so that the final result will be normal.

Contemporary Muslim scholars appear to believe that plastic surgery is permissible when there is a genuine necessity, such as removing genetic defects or treating defects caused by disease, road accidents, or burns. This perspective is relevant to reconstructive plastic surgery. This rule is derived from an incident in which the Prophet (peace be upon him) (PBUH) permitted a companion whose nose was cut in a battle, to wear a nose made of gold.

Narrated Urfajah bin Asad:

“My nose was severed on the Day of Al-Kulab during Jahiliyyah. So I got a nose of silver which caused an infection for me, so the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) ordered me to get a node made of gold.”

[Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1770]

Injuries should be treated if they happen, which is the basis for medical intervention. Restoring normal function and appearance is the aim of congenital malformation surgery.

Burns, skin disorders, and accidents can also leave scars that are physically and psychologically uncomfortable. Islam allows people with such defects to undergo surgical correction.

This type of plastic surgery is totally halal and is also highly suggested for Muslims.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic plastic surgery is the procedure performed when one person wants to look more attractive or merely just to alter the way they look.

As an example think of a beautiful model who performs plastic surgery to enhance her facial features to look attractive. This surgery will change the way she looks hence changing the creation of the Creator.

Many scholars believe cosmetic operations result from Western civilization’s materialistic design, which focuses primarily on the body and its desires. Their growing popularity is largely due to the media and the standards set by Hollywood and sports figures.

Mutilation of the body is strictly forbidden in Islam. This type of surgery is prohibited in the Quran and Hadith because it involves interfering with the natural way God made a person without a justifiable reason.

“Instead of Allah, they only invoke female gods and they ˹actually˺ invoke none but a rebellious Satan—cursed by Allah—who said, “I will surely take hold of a certain number of Your servants. I will certainly mislead them and delude them with empty hopes. Also, I will order them and they will slit the ears of cattle1 and alter Allah’s creation.” And whoever takes Satan as a guardian instead of Allah has certainly suffered a tremendous loss.”

[Quran 4:117-119]

There is a hadith related to changing the creation of the Creator as well.

“Abdullah reported that Allah had cursed those women who tattooed and who have themselves tattooed, those who pluck hair from their faces and those who make spaces between their teeth for beautification changing what God has created.”

[Sahih Muslim 2125a]

Cosmetic surgery for illegal purposes is strictly forbidden. For example, surgeries performed to deceive others, or surgery performed to disguise criminals in order to avoid detection.

This type of surgery is totally haram and Muslims are forbidden to undergo any such procedures.

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Is It Haram To Have Beauty Surgery?

Islam allows any surgery that is medically necessary to correct or reform any abnormality. However, if the purpose of plastic surgery is to make one more appealing, it is regarded as haram or forbidden because it alters the way Allah made us.

Any surgery done merely for beauty is haram in Islam.

Can You Get A Nose Job In Islam?

If the purpose of the nose job is to look attractive without any necessary medical reason then it is haram in Islam. However, Islam allows nose jobs or any other surgery performed if there was an abnormality and the surgery was done to fix it.

Are Breast Implants Haram?

The use of breast implants solely to enhance looks or make a woman more attractive is strictly forbidden or considered haram. If a woman has abnormally shaped breasts that need to be fixed or large breasts that need to be brought back to normal size in order to not look abnormal, Islam permits breast implants.

Is Face Lift Haram?

Islamic scholars consider facelifts to be deceptive and haram since they make you appear younger. Plastic surgery for the purpose of aesthetics is forbidden, and they feel facelifts fit into this category because they are conducted to make one appear younger.

Can I Have A Tummy Tuck In Islam?

In Islam, plastic surgery is permitted for treating illnesses and preserving body functions. Performing cosmetic surgery solely for the purpose of beautifying or improving one’s appearance is prohibited since it involves changing God’s creation without sufficient justification.

A tummy tuck is permissible if it is medically necessary and recommended by a doctor; however, it is prohibited if it is done for aesthetic reasons alone.

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Final Thoughts

In Islam, plastic surgery is permissible to treat disease and maintain or save the function of body organs. Performing cosmetic surgery solely for the purpose of beautifying or improving one’s appearance is not permitted since it involves changing God’s creation without a valid reason.

And Allah Knows Best.

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