Are Pringles Halal? [List of Haram Pringles]

are pringles halal

Pringles are the favorite amongst children in North America more than any other snack. Muslims often question if it is halal or haram. I have looked into if Pringles is suitable for Muslims to consume.

The majority of Pringles flavors are halal because they don’t contain pork or alcohol, but some, like PRINGLES Regular Smoked Bacon, aren’t allowed because they do. Read the ingredients always!

Are Pringles Halal?

Jamiat-ul-ulama states:

“Pringles are normally manufactured in America, Belgium, China and other South East Asian region like Malaysia and Singapore etc. According to information at our disposal the ones manufactured in Malaysia and Singapore are Halaal suitable besides the meat flavoured variants.”


The term “halal” refers to the foods and beverages that Muslims are allowed to consume. Pringles or any other snack is halal if all the ingredients used are halal.

Some snacks use whey protein which comes from animals like pork which is totally haram. Others might use other animal enzymes in the manufacturing process.

In the case of Pringles, you have to check the ingredients yourself as mostly the Pringles flavors are halal but there are some exceptions which include whey protein.

From the fatwa the Pringles manufactured in all the Muslim countries are halal as they follow standard Islamic principles. Muslims living in non-Muslim states should do proper research on the ingredients though.

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List Of Halal Pringles

These are a list of all the halal Pringles I can find:

  • Regular Original
  • Regular Cheese & Onion
  • Regular Cheese
  • Regular Hot & Spicy
  • Regular Paprika
  • Regular Salt & Vinegar
  • Regular Sour Cream & Onion
  • Regular Texas Barbecue
  • Select Italian Cheese & Garlic
  • Select Thai Sweet Chili
  • Light Sour Cream & Onion
  • Light Aromas Red Pepper & Olive Extract
  • Light Aromas Spicy Thai & Coconut Oil
  • Rice Infusions Barbecue
  • Rice Infusions Classic
  • Rice Infusions Hot & Spicy

List Of Haram Pringles

A list of all the Pringles Muslims should stay away from:

  • Regular Smoked Bacon
  • Regular Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Regular Roast Beef
  • Rice Infusions Peking Duck with Hoisin Sauce
  • Rice Infusions Sweet Beef Chili
  • Select Paprika

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Does Pringles Have Pork

Pringles used to have pork fats used earlier before 2006. Later the manufacturer stopped using any pork-derived fats or enzymes altogether. Even the whey used is not from pork.

Final Thoughts

It all depends on the ingredients in the end. Muslims believe that some Pringles can contain pork which is not true. Although some Pringles can be haram because of haram ingredients. I have made the list of all the halal and haram Pringles.

You should also read and make sure all the ingredients in the Pringles product are halal which you are buying. Pringles introduces new flavors which can be forbidden for Muslims.

Most Pringles are halal if you live in a Muslim country. However not true if you are from North America or any other non-Muslim nation in which case you need to read the ingredients thoroughly.

And Allah Knows Best.

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