Are Eggs Halal?

are eggs halal

Eggs are a popular and extensively consumed breakfast food around the world. When we discuss eggs, we primarily talk about chicken eggs. Many animals, including ducks, snakes, and turtles, lay eggs. I’ll discuss which are acceptable for Muslims to consume.

It is permissible for Muslims to consume all the eggs from an animal that is considered halal. Some animals like snakes also lay eggs, which are considered haram animals, their eggs will also be haram.

Islam And Eggs

islam and eggs

Eggs from halal animals are halal and all haram animals are considered haram.

It is forbidden to eat eggs that have been tampered with, such as eggs from sick or diseased halal animals or eggs that have gone bad. Normal chicken eggs are halal, but sick chickens and their eggs are haram for Muslims.

Now let’s talk about all the eggs laid by haram animals. Snakes, turtles, and many birds of prey lay eggs but all those are considered haram in Islam as the very animal is not allowed for Muslims to consume.

Maulana Abdul Muktader from Darul Ifta Birmingham states:

“Muslims are only allowed to eat eggs from those animals which are halal to eat such us, chickens, fish, etc.

Those animals which are haram for consumption, their eggs are also haram to eat such as snakes.[1]

Only Allah knows best”


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Halal Eggs

All Muslim scholars believe that eating eggs from animals whose meat is allowed is also halal. To make it easy I have made a list of halal eggs:

  • Halal birds
  • Fish Eggs
  • Eggs of halal sea animals

Haram Eggs

Eggs from all the haram animals are also considered haram for Muslims.
List of haram eggs:

  • Haram birds (birds who prey on others)
  • Reptiles like snakes and turtles
  • All eggs from sick animals
  • Eggs from animals who have been feeding on haram food

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Can Muslims Eat Eggs With Blood?

When you crack open an egg, you sometimes see blood. It indicates that the regular process of the yolk becoming blood during the development of the chick has finally begun.

Islamic law considers blood to be haram and forbids it in all situations. It’s best to discard the egg and find a new one to eat if there is blood in it.

Are Unlaid Eggs Halal?

Sometimes when Muslims slaughter a halal animal it has unlaid eggs. It happens mostly with chickens as we eat chicken the most.

Islam allows Muslims to consume all the unlaid eggs if it comes from a halal animal and the animal was not sick.

Ustadh Salman Younas says:

“An unlaid egg from a chicken that has not been properly slaughtered is permissible to eat according to the relied-upon position of the Hanafi school. [Sarakhi, al-Mabsut; Ibn `Abidin, Hashiya]”


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Are Uncooked Eggs Halal?

In Islam, raw eggs are regarded as halal. Uncooked eggs are often consumed with milk and honey by some people. People who try to eat a high-protein diet frequently experience this.

Uncooked eggs are permissible in Islam since they don’t contain blood. The blood, which is present in some eggs, will, however, make the egg haram.

Is Egg White Halal?

Yes, egg white is completely halal and is seen as a healthier option. If a Muslim wants to avoid the yolk, they are permitted to consume only the white. This may be for a variety of reasons.

Doctors occasionally might advise against eating the yolk, for instance, if you have heart trouble. In these situations, Islam permits Muslims to prioritize their health and only consume egg whites.

Health Benefits Of Eggs

health benefits of eggs

Anything allowed to consume by Islam has a halal tag on it. A food that is not healthy can never be halal. There are many benefits of consuming eggs.

First of all, eggs contain high amounts of protein. Some people need a high protein diet in various situations and eggs help them in these times the best.

Just boil the eggs and consume them. Eggs are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

They are rich in lutein, choline, and folate. Choline supports neuron health and brain growth. Lutein shields the eyes from UV radiation damage. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in egg yolks, which lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Zinc is found in eggs which helps the immune system. Malnutrition and increased susceptibility to infections are brought on by zinc deficiency, especially in young children.

Because eggs are so abundant in protein, they help you lose weight by making you feel fuller for longer. Eggs can be used in weight loss as well.

I found studying eggs that they should be an essential part of our diet every day and are healthy.

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Final Thoughts

Muslims can consume eggs from all the halal animals who aren’t sick or fed haram foods. All the eggs from haram animals are considered haram no matter what. You should stay away from any egg containing any amounts of blood found in it.

Eggs are the best daily healthy protein source and are 100% halal and safe for Muslims to consume.

And Allah Knows Best.

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