Is Coles Meat Halal?

Is Coles Meat Halal

Is Coles Meat Halal? Halal meat has historically generated debate, especially when it comes to retailers like Coles.

Many individuals in Australia ask, “Is Coles meat halal?” or “Is Coles chicken halal?” This is due to the fact that Australia’s food business is highly diverse, offering a wide range of cuisines and dietary needs.

This article will examine Coles’ halal certification for its beef and poultry products. We’ll also give you some advice on how to make sure you’re purchasing meat products that comply with Halal’s moral and legal criteria.

Let’s dispel any myths regarding Coles chicken or beef and check whether it is halal.

Is Coles Meat Halal?

Coles provides halal-certified meat; however, not all of its products fall under this category. Only those labeled as halal and carrying a 1620 EST code have been certified as halal.

The halal certification for Coles’ products comes from SICHMA, a supplier source with strict halal standards. Coles is currently in the process of making their entire supply chain halal-certified, but it is still a work in progress. As a result, only some of their meat and chicken items have obtained halal certification.

To achieve this, Coles is collaborating with the Supreme Islamic Council for Halal Meats in Australia (SICHMA) to meet the necessary requirements for halal certification. As the only halal-certifying body recognized by the Australian government, SICHMA ensures a rigorous assessment and verification process for any product labeled as ‘halal’ by Coles, making it safe for consumption by Muslims.

However, it is essential to note that there is currently some uncertainty regarding Coles’ meat and chicken sourcing. Some products are certified halal, while others might come from non-halal-certified sources.

To determine whether Coles’ meat is halal or not, you can check for the halal label and the 1620 EST code near the barcode on the product’s label. If it carries the 1620 EST code, it means the supplier has a halal certificate for that specific product type, ensuring that the meat is halal.

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Is Coles Chicken Halal?

Coles offers halal certification for only certain chicken products; not all of their chicken items are certified as halal.

Moreover, the chicken products do not have an EST code to indicate their source.

Nevertheless, identifying whether a specific chicken product is halal or not is straightforward – simply check for the presence of the halal logo on its packaging.

If the product displays the halal logo, it signifies that it comes from a halal-certified supplier, ensuring that the chicken is indeed halal.

On the other hand, if there is no halal logo, it is advisable to avoid the product and opt for one that carries the halal logo to ensure its halal status.

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Buying Halal Meat and Chicken At Coles? Here Are Some Tips

Here are some guidelines to ensure that you are purchasing only halal meat or chicken from Coles:

  • When it comes to meat products, make sure to check both the EST code and the presence of the halal logo. If you find a 1620 EST code along with the halal logo, you can rest assured that the product is officially certified as halal.
  • For chicken products, focus on finding the halal logo on the packaging. If the package displays the halal logo, you can be confident that the chicken is sourced from a certified supplier and is safe for consumption.
  • It’s best to steer clear of any product that lacks both the EST code and the halal logo, as these items have not yet received halal certification.
  • If you have any uncertainties or doubts about a specific product, don’t hesitate to reach out to Coles directly. Contacting them will ensure that you receive accurate information regarding the halal certification status of the product.

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Final Thoughts

To summarize, Coles offers halal certification for certain meat and chicken products, but not all items are halal-certified at this time.

To determine if a product is halal, check for the presence of the EST code and halal logo on the packaging.

With this information, your queries about whether Coles meat or chicken is halal should now be clarified. Rest assured that any product labeled as ‘halal’ by Coles has undergone a thorough assessment and verification process.


Is Coles beef halal?

Yes, a few Coles beef products have received halal certification. To confirm that a product is halal-certified, look for the EST code and halal logo.

Is Coles roast chicken halal?

Coles sells roast chickens that are halal and non-halal. To make sure it is halal-certified, look for the halal logo on the packaging.

Is all Coles meat halal?

No, not all Coles meat items have received halal certification yet. To confirm that a product is halal-certified, look for the EST code and halal logo.

Is Coles chicken halal in Australia?

Yes, several Coles meat products in Australia have received halal certification. Look for the EST code and the halal logo to identify.

Is Coles meat and chicken halal?

Not all of Coles’ poultry and meat items are halal-certified, although some of them are. The halal label on the package identifies halal chicken and meat.

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