Is Trident Gum Halal Or Haram? [Is Trident Vegan?]

trident gum

Cadbury first produced Trident gum in 1960, and today they are so widely available that you can find them practically anywhere. Trident gum is frequently purchased, but consumers never consider whether the gum is vegan, halal, or not.

None of the Trident gums have received halal certification. However, I can’t find any haram ingredients in the majority of the flavors of Trident gum. Except for Trident Splash and Trident Layer, which include animal-derived gelatin, nearly all Trident gums are halal and vegetarian.

Is Trident Vegan And Halal?

If you ask the manufacturer they will simply reply that none of Trident products are halal or vegan certified. This simply means they haven’t paid any organization to provide them with a halal or vegan certificate.

It doesn’t mean that all the products are not vegan or haram for Muslims. If something is vegan it’s also halal for Muslims to consume.

I also found a tweet by Trident gum saying that you can find halal-certified products depending on the country you live in. It just means that if you live in a non-Muslim state most probably the Trident gums are not halal certified.


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Ingredients of Trident Gum

When searching for plant-based products, vegans also look for things that are healthy. To analyze the real status of Trident gum we need to find out any haram or non-vegan ingredient found.

The ingredients include:

  • Sorbitol
  • Gum base
  • Xylitol
  • Glycerin
  • Mannitol
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Aspartame
  • Acesulfame potassium
  • Soy lecithin
  • BHT

As far as we could tell, there were no prohibited or non-vegan ingredients in the product. We were pleased to find out that gelatin was not used in the manufacturing process, which is commonly used in the industry. The products are neither vegan nor halal because gelatin is usually made from pork or other animals.

Most of the Trident products found are halal and vegan except for some which include animal-based gelatin.

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Vegan And Halal Trident List

Halal / Vegan ✔️Haram / Non-Vegan ❌
Original FlavourTrident Splash
SpearmintTrident Layer
Dragon Fruit Lychee
Island Berry Lime
Mint Bliss
Perfect Peppermint
Splashing Mint
Minty Sweet Twist
Watermelon Twist
Tropical Twist
Pineapple Twist
Lime Passionfruit Twist
Black Raspberry Twist
Strawberry Twist
Wild Blueberry Twist
Passionberry Twist
Purely Peppermint
Purely Spearmint

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Does Trident Gum Have Pork?

Muslims and vegans abstain from all pork-based items. They always choose the healthier option. Given that there are no animal products, vegan is always halal.

We made an effort to determine whether pork or any other animal substances were present in all Trident products. Except for Trident Splash and Trident Layer, which contain gelatin, the majority of Trident gums are currently vegan and halal for Muslims.

Since most gelatin comes from pork or other animals, the product is neither halal nor vegan. Stay clear from Trident Splash and Trident Layer if you are vegan or Muslim. All other Trident gums are suitable for vegans and halal eaters.


Is Trident Halal In America?

Trident products are not halal certified. Although most of the Trident products are halal and vegan except for Trident Splash and Trident Layer which contains animal-derived gelatin.

Is Trident Vegetarian-Friendly?

All of the Trident products are vegan-friendly except for Trident Splash and Trident Layer which contains animal-derived gelatin.

Does Trident gum have gelatin?

The majority of Trident’s flavors are vegan. The Trident Splash and Trident Layers cannot be consumed by vegans since they contain gelatin.

Does Trident have alcohol?

There is sugar alcohol called xylitol in Trident gum, which is considered a tooth-friendly sugar.

Is Sugar Alcohol Halal?

Due to the fact that sugar alcohol does not contain ethanol, it is considered halal. Food containing sugar alcohol is considered halal since it does not result in intoxication.

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Final Thoughts

Except for a few flavors that contain gelatin, the majority of Trident gum flavors are vegan and halal-friendly. Gelatin is typically made from pigs and other animals, making the product non-vegan or haram.

I’ve created a vegan and halal Trident list just for you. Before purchasing any Trident gum, be careful you look it over and read the ingredients.

And Allah Knows Best.

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