Are Marshmallows Halal?

are marshmallows halal

In North America, people typically adore marshmallows and enjoy roasting them over bonfires with friends. I wanted to know if marshmallows were halal or haram.

Typically, gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup are added to a marshmallow along with some air. The foam in marshmallows is comprised of air that has been suspended in the liquid sugar mixture. Since most marshmallows manufactured in North America are made with gelatin made from pigs, they are not halal or permitted by Islam.

There is a non-gelatin version of marshmallows also available. If you can find those that will be halal for Muslims.

I am aware that both children and adults enjoy marshmallows. It’s a fantastic addition to our fire nights because of its sweet flavor, softness, and squishy feel. Unfortunately, it’s not halal and I suggest you stop having them unless you are 100% sure it’s vegan.

Why Is Marshmallow Haram?

why is marshmallow not halal

The squishy tasty candy is made up of corn syrup, water sugar, and gelatin. All the ingredients are fine however the gelatin used in producing marshmallows is usually derived from pigs. In some cases, the gelatin can be derived from other cattle rather than pigs but still, it won’t make marshmallows halal.

Pork is haram, so if the gelatin was derived from pork of course marshmallows will be considered haram. Even if the gelatin was derived from cattle probability is that the animal won’t have been slaughtered, making the marshmallows again haram.

In both cases, I found out marshmallows are not halal and we should stay away from these tasty candies.

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What Does Islam Say About Pork Gelatin?

Consuming meals, beverages, or medications that include gelatin made from pig skin or other impure materials is forbidden. Animals that are slaughtered according to the rules can be used to make gelatin.

Dr. Wafeeq ash-Sharqawi (President of the administrative committee of the Arabian Company for Gelatin Products in Egypt) said:

“The skin and bones of pigs do not undergo a complete transformation; rather it is a partial transformation and by means of testing it is possible to determine the origin of the gelatin that is extracted from the skin and bones of pigs after they are subjected to the chemical processes by means of which gelatin is extracted. That is because of the presence of some properties in this gelatin, from which it is possible to determine its origin. So we cannot say that the parts of the pig that are turned into gelatin have undergone a complete transformation.”

(Majallat al-Buhuth al-Fiqhiyyah al-Mu‘asirah, 31/28)

Many scholars hold the view that even if a substance is thought to have been altered, the decision regarding its impureness remains the same. Therefore, in their opinion, it is prohibited to use this type of gelatin.

“The scholars of the Standing Committee were asked: Is gelatin haram?

They replied:

“If the gelatin is derived from something haram, such as pork or the skin, bones etc. of pigs, then it is haram. Allah, may He be exalted, says (interpretation of the meaning): “Forbidden to you (for food) are: Al-Maytatah (the dead animals – cattle-beast not slaughtered), blood, the flesh of swine”

[al-Maidah 5:3]

The scholars unanimously agreed that pig fat is included in this prohibition. If no haram substances or ingredients are involved in the production of gelatin, then there is nothing wrong with it. [source]

Hopefully, the quotations have made it obvious that Allah has commanded Muslims to abstain from eating pork products and gelatin made from pork.

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Halal Marshmallows

halal marshmallows

After all this, I have got good news for you. Marshmallow lovers like me would try to find something to satisfy their cravings. So I did more digging and guess what I found halal marshmallows.

I kid you not. There are actually halal marshmallows out there. The gelatin in these marshmallows is from halal animals meaning they were slaughtered according to Islamic standards.

I have found all these halal marshmallows out there for you plus you can order them on Amazon as well.

  • Ziyad Marshmallows
  • Ziyad Gourmet Halal Mini Marshmallows
  • Bebeto Halal Marshmallows
  • Tazah Halal Marshmallow
  • Dandies
  • Trader’s Joe

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Do Marshmallows Have Pork?

Marshmallows are made up of corn syrup, sugar, and gelatin are used to make marshmallows. The gelatin used is usually derived from pork, so yes mostly marshmallows have pork.

Are Vegan Marshmallows Allowed?

If a marshmallow is vegan it means it contains animal-free gelatin which makes the marshmallow 100% halal.

Can Muslims Eat Marshmallows?

Mostly marshmallows are haram due to the pork-derived gelatin. However, you can find some of the halal marshmallow brands out there which use halal gelatin.

Is All Gelatin Haram?

No, only the gelatin which is derived from pork and haram animals is haram. If the gelatin is from a slaughtered halal animal it is considered halal.

Final Thoughts

Normally I found marshmallows to be not halal or not allowed in Islam cause of the pork-derived gelatin present. Even if the gelatin is animal-derived it won’t make the marshmallow halal as the animal itself won’t have been slaughtered.

However, I found some halal marshmallow products on the internet for our campfire nights. All the products have halal certification and are absolutely allowed according to Islam. Only buy the halal marshmallows.

And Allah Knows Best.

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