Is Popeyes Halal In USA And Canada?

is popeyes halal in usa and canada

People in North America adore chicken, and you’ve probably heard of Popeyes when it comes to chicken. The fast food company Popeyes is present throughout the United States and Canada.

Although I can’t say the same for the USA, almost all Popeyes in Canada have received halal certification. If you live in America and want to eat some delicious Popeyes chicken, you must first verify the halal certificate because Popeyes is not halal certified there.

Even if you write to Popeyes regarding their halal certification, they will say that some of their locations have it and some don’t.

Muslims cannot consume any Popeyes items in America since they are all not halal.

Is Popeyes Chicken Hand Slaughtered?

In Islam, all the animals that are allowed to be eaten by Muslims have to be slaughtered according to the Islamic principles which include slaughtering by hand.

The modern era provides machines that can do all the slaughtering for us. However, that will make the animal haram for Muslims. So you know now why it is important to find out if the chicken at Popeyes was hand slaughtered or not.

All the Popeyes restaurants in Canada include halal certificates. Upon researching, I was able to find out that the chicken is hand slaughtered and halal for Muslims.

On the contrary, the Popeyes chain in America does not provide hand-slaughtered chicken. This makes the Popeyes chicken in America not halal and all devoted Muslims should avoid it.

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Is Popeyes Gravy Halal?

It all depends on the geography. If you live in Canada or are visiting all the Popeyes products there are halal including the all-amazing Popeyes gravy.

But the USA Muslim folks can’t enjoy Popeyes gravy as it is derived from pork. Pork is haram in all its forms. Popeyes gravy in the USA is not halal.

Is Popeyes Sandwich Halal?

Popeyes sandwich has been quite popular in the last few years. The sandwich includes chicken and other ingredients which need to be halal in order to make the Popeyes sandwich halal.

All popeyes sites in Canada are halal certified and provide halal sandwiches. Although Muslims living in the USA can’t eat it as the chicken is not halal or slaughtered.

Popeyes sandwich in Canada is halal.
Popeyes sandwich in the USA is not halal.

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Is Popeyes Red Beans Halal?

Everything basically comes down to where you reside. If you reside in Canada and are uncertain whether or not red beans are halal. Don’t. Red beans and all other Popeyes products are halal in Canada.

Red beans are off-limits to Muslims in America because they also contain gravy and other components that may be sourced from pork. In the USA, red beans are not halal.

Is Popeyes Poutine Halal?

Poutine is a very popular dish in North America. Recently, Popeyes has started serving poutine as well. To enhance the flavor, it has chips, gravy, sauces, and mayo.

All of the components in the poutine must be halal for it to be considered halal. In Canada Popeyes gravy and all other ingredients are halal and none of them is pork-derived. Popeyes poutine is halal in Canada.

In America, Popeyes uses ingredients derived from pig, which are also found in the poutine gravy. In America, Popeyes poutine is not halal.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, it all comes down to where you live. Canadian Muslims can enjoy all the Popeyes products as they are all halal plus all the sites are halal certified.

Order Here: Popeyes (Canada)

Can’t say that about the Muslims living in America as usually all the sites operating in the USA are not halal certified and can contain pork-derived ingredients in their products.

Do make sure you check the halal certification before ordering from Popeyes.

And Allah Knows Best.

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