Is Turkey Halal?

halal turkey

In North America, turkey is a treat and is frequently consumed during the Christmas season. Muslims may wonder whether Turkey is halal or not.

Turkey is a kind of bird considered halal for Muslims. According to scholars, turkey and its meat are halal if they are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic laws.

Is Turkey Halal For Muslims?

Turkey falls in the halal category of birds for Muslims to consume only if Turkey is slaughtered the Islamic way. Islam has allowed Muslims to eat turkey only if it is slaughtered in the name of Allah (God) by a Muslim or Jew or Christian who are followers of the Book mentioned in the Quran (ahl-al-kitab).

Maulana Moinul Abu Hamza answers about Turkey being halal:

“Turkey meat, like any other poultry, is halal with no stated prohibition provided it is slaughtered in accordance with Islamic law (dhabiha). A Muslim is welcome to take advantage when there are perhaps cheaper prices for Turkey during the Christmas period. However, care must be taken that the intention is not to emulate non-muslims in their festivals as this would incur sin.”


Scholars agree that Turkey is halal you just need to ensure it was slaughtered (zabiha).

The animal’s blood can be removed from its body with a quick cut to the throat which is the perfect way to slaughter. Additionally, animals must be declared fit for slaughter and cannot be slaughtered in front of one another.

However, it is safer to avoid such if the animal was imported from a nation or area where the majority of the population aren’t Muslims or believers of the book (Christians and Jews).

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Which Birds Are Halal In Islam?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited eating any canine-toothed wild animals and talons-equipped birds.

According to the majority of scholars, eating any animal or bird with a canine tooth or a talon is haram (prohibited).

Hadith about birds:

“It was narrated from Ibn ‘Abbas that:
on the Day of Khaibar, the Prophet of Allah forbade eating any birds with talons and any predators with fangs. (Daif)”


Predatory creatures such as lions, leopards, wolves, and others are referred to as “wild animals.” The hawk, eagle, falcon, and other birds are examples of animals that have talons. Therefore, it is prohibited to eat any bird with talons. Alternatively, birds without talons can be eaten.

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Where To Find Halal Turkey?

If you live in a Muslim country it will be halal mostly as all the Islamic guidelines are being followed in the process of slaughter. But if you happen to live in North America or any other non-Muslim state then it is a bit hard.

There are some supermarket chains that sell halal products and if you are lucky you can get a halal turkey from there. If you live somewhere far from the city you might need to search for a halal butcher shop that delivers it to your doorstep.
You can visit or find turkey products at


Do Muslims eat turkey?

Yes, Turkey is a halal bird and Muslims can eat it if they like if it is slaughtered in an Islamic way.

Is turkey haram?

If Turkey is not slaughtered in accordance with Islamic practice, it becomes haram (forbidden). The chicken turkey needs to be slaughtered in order to be halal.

Is Turkey bacon halal?

Meat made from cured and smoked turkey is known as turkey bacon. If the meat was from halal turkey, turkey bacon is halal.

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Final Thoughts

Turkey is a halal bird, and the majority of scholars agree that Muslims may eat it as long as it is slaughtered according to Islamic law. Make sure the turkey is slaughtered the same way as chicken or beef. Living in non-Muslim countries might be challenging, therefore be careful to only purchase halal food.

And Allah Knows Best.

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