Is Inghams Chicken Halal?

Is Inghams Chicken Halal?

Is Inghams Chicken Halal? Many Muslims from Australia and New Zealand have questioned this.

Confusion and queries may result from the Inghams chicken’s lack of a clear statement regarding its halal or haram status on its website or packaging.

Despite the fact that Ingham chicken is one of the most well-liked chicken brands in Australia and New Zealand. But for Muslims, it’s crucial to understand whether the meat they eat is permitted to be halal.

In this essay, we’ll dispel any doubt and provide evidence to determine whether Ingham chicken is halal or not. We will also provide brief advice for spotting halal chicken in grocery stores.

Is Inghams Chicken Halal?

Inghams Enterprises, commonly known as Inghams, is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and is a supplier/producer of poultry and fodder across Australia and New Zealand.[2] The company claims to be one of the largest producers of chicken and turkey products in Australia and employs in excess of 8,000 people in more than 100 locations in Australia and New Zealand.


When directly questioned, they confirmed that none of their chickens are halal certified. Our recent conversation with Inghams Chicken revealed that only the Osborne Park Factory has obtained halal certification. Therefore, if you purchase chicken from this particular factory, it can be considered halal.

However, it’s essential to note that the rest of Inghams Chicken’s factories are not halal certified. Consequently, buying chicken from these other facilities is not advisable, as they may not adhere to halal requirements.

It is worth mentioning that even though Osborne Park Factory uses machine-slaughtered chicken, they strictly follow halal requirements. The machine operator begins the process with the Islamic prayer “bismillah” (in the name of Allah), and they carefully inspect and ensure the blade’s shape complies with the standards before commencing operations.

For those seeking halal chicken from Inghams, whether in Australia or New Zealand, it is highly recommended to exclusively purchase from the Osborne Park factory. Otherwise, buying Inghams chicken from other factories cannot be considered halal-certified.

In conclusion, none of Inghams Chicken’s products are halal certified, which means we cannot assert that their chicken is halal.

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Why Is Inghams Chicken Not Halal?

The primary reason Ingham Chicken is not considered halal is the absence of any approved certification. As a result, their slaughtering process does not align with Islamic rules and regulations.

For any company offering non-vegetarian products, obtaining approval from the Islamic authority is essential to be certified as halal. This certification ensures that the meat is prepared in accordance with Islamic principles and guidelines.

Ingham Chicken has not obtained any such halal certification, making it ineligible to be regarded as halal.

Moreover, the company has not provided any explicit information regarding their use of halal slaughtering methods, making it advisable to refrain from purchasing Ingham Chicken from any of their factories.

Given that chicken and meat are staple foods for many Muslims, it becomes crucial for companies selling such products to acquire halal certification and declare their compliance to attract more customers.

However, Ingham Chicken has not taken the necessary steps to acquire halal certification. Consequently, it cannot be considered halal, and Muslims should avoid purchasing their products.

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Final Thoughts

The chicken at Inghams is not halal. The business does not advertise that it is halal on its website, packaging, or in any other way.

We discovered that only the Osborne Park Factory is halal certified, according to both online and offline sources. All of Inghams Chicken’s other factories are not halal because they don’t care about the halal regulations.

I believe the question of whether Ingham’s chicken is halal has been answered. Please make sure that all non-vegetarian items are halal-certified and adhere to Islamic law before purchasing them.

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Is Ingham’s Roast Chicken halal?

Sadly, no, it is not halal. No halal certification, no mention that Ingham’s is halal can be seen on the company’s website or packaging.

Where is Ingham chicken from?

With production facilities in both Australia and New Zealand, Ingham is a firm that is owned and run by Australians.

Is Ingham Chicken halal 2023?

In 2023, Ingham Chicken is not halal. It cannot be regarded as a halal product because the company has not taken any action to obtain a halal certification.

Is Ingham’s chicken tenders halal?

The chicken tenders at Ingham’s are not halal. The tenders’ chicken is not halal-certified chicken.

Is Inghams chicken halal in Australia?

In Australia, Inghams chicken is not halal. Halal certification is only available at the Osborne Park Factory.

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