Is Tyson Chicken Halal?

is tyson halal

Tyson is the brand you should know if you buy frozen chicken. A multinational American company, Tyson Foods ranks as the second largest poultry processor and marketer in the world. As Muslims, we should always think before we consume any chicken whether it is halal or not.

According to Tyson Foods, they do not currently have any halal-certified products. Coming from the manufacturer themselves Tyson chicken is not halal.

Tyson Not Halal Certified

tyson not halal

Muslims living in non-Muslim states can always easily differentiate halal products with the halal logo on them. This is called halal certified. There are several Muslim organizations globally that check and provide this halal certificate for foods and beverages.

As far as I have seen I didn’t find any Tyson product with a halal logo on it. Although there are certain halal websites out there selling Tyson chicken products. These sites are supposed to only sell halal foods so I guess they might have found Tyson halal.

Tyson chicken may not be halal, so I recommend staying away. According to Tyson, their products are not halal-certified, but some of these Muslim websites sell them. In doubt, Muslims are always told to be careful and only go for halal products.

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Why Is The Doubt In Tyson Being Halal?

halal tyson

Before 2021 Tyson used to say that their products are halal. This was much common among Muslims as they used to love their products including Tyson chicken, Tyson nuggets, and Tyson chicken bites.

Tyson claimed that they slaughter the chicken as per Islamic law. They also declared that there is a call to prayer as Muslims require in their chicken slaughterhouse.

When Muslim authorities went to confirm they found that Tyson chicken was slaughtered with the help of machines and no person was involved in the slaughter process. The prayer to call was also not from a person but through speakers which makes Tyson not halal.

After that incident, Tyson was not giving the halal certifications and they themselves also started saying that Tyson is not halal certified.

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Halal Websites Offering Tyson Chicken Products

In my research, I have found that Tyson is not halal but still, some Muslim halal websites are offering Tyson chicken. I am not sure why this is that but I will share the products.

Ehalal offers these Tyson products:

  • Nuggets from Pollo Tyson
  • Chicken breast Strips
  • Lightly Breaded Chicken Strips
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • Tyson Chicken Patties
  • Chicken Bites
  • Buffalo Boneless
  • Alitas BBQ
  • Nuggets from Pollo
  • And more

You can visit them here:

I know this is a halal website selling Tyson chicken products but I will still advise you to get the Tyson alternatives as there is a doubt about Tyson being halal. There are many alternatives you can try.

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Halal Alternatives To Tyson

halal chicken

For those who want to stay doubt-free and still want halal chicken, I have some halal alternatives to Tyson chicken. Here are the best options I could find for you.

Zabiha Chicken

Zabiha is the easiest of all the frozen products you can find if you live in America. If you have a Walmart close by I am sure they will have Zabiha products waiting for you to grab.

You can visit their site and they will also help you find their close by restaurants. Apart from chicken items, you can also find meat and beverages as well.

Perdue Halal Meat

You will find their products in many grocery stores around America. They have halal chicken products including strips, nuggets, and breast pieces.

Boxed Halal

If you can’t find any halal products nearby and want to order halal chicken your best bet is Boxed Halal. You can visit their website and order the chicken and they will deliver it to your place easily.

Fitrah Farms

Fitrah Farms are the best place to buy chicken if you want them in large quantities. They offer all chicken parts and whole chicken as well. Their chicken is hand slaughtered plus they can also deliver it to your doorstep. Big discounts are also available. Do try them!

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Does Tyson chicken have pork?

Tyson chicken does not have pork but it is not halal certified. Irrespective of not having pork Muslims still can’t consume it as it is not halal.

What is Tyson chicken made of?

Chicken breast with rib meat, water, whole wheat flour, and wheat flour are all listed as ingredients along with chicken broth, corn starch, dried garlic, dried onion, dried yeast, dried paprika extractives, natural flavorings, salt, soybean oil, spice, sugar, and yellow corn flour.

Does Tyson sell halal?

Tyson chicken is not halal-certified. All their products are not halal as of now. Tyson Foods themselves claim that the Tyson chicken products are not halal.

Where does Tyson get their chicken?

Tyson Foods raises and processes all of the chicken it sells in the United States. In their products, they don’t use chicken that has been imported from other nations.

Final Thoughts

Although you may find many halal websites selling Tyson chicken products it’s not halal. I have found all their chicken products to be haram for Muslims. Tyson Foods themselves claim that none of their product is halal certified.

If you really love frozen chicken I must suggest you look for halal alternatives to Tyson. I have provided many halal alternatives which are suitable and easy to find for Muslims.

And Allah Knows Best.

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