Is Bacon Halal Or Haram? [REVEALED]

is bacon halal or haram

Living in North America I have seen a lot of my non-Mulsim friends loving and eating bacon almost every day until one day I saw one of my Muslim friends eating bacon in lunch. To add to my surprise he said it was halal so I did some research and the results I found might shock you too.

Halal bacon is available in North America and other parts of the world. Despite what we Muslims believe, bacon is not always made from pork meat. Actually, it can be made of any meat and if the meat is halal, bacon is halal.

Does this mean Muslims can eat bacon? Of course, if the bacon is halal and I dig into this and found out all the info so you can also enjoy some good bacon!

What Is Bacon?

what is bacon

Originally bacon was a European dish in the 19th century quite popular among the people living in Italy and Ireland. It then slowly started to gain popularity in the United States around mid 20th century until now it’s found in 90% of the homes in North America.

Bacon is salt-cured meat, made from the high-fat parts of different animals. Salt-cured just means that the meat is first sliced and salt is applied to it which cures the meat. Usually, bacon is made out of pork bellies. It’s generally eaten as a side dish rather than the main course. People living in North America usually have bacon in their breakfast with their pancakes and maple syrup.

Muslims usually think that bacon is made of pork belly. On the contrary, bacon can be made out of any animal’s meat. People have been using meat from duck, chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb as well to make bacon. You will be surprised that there is vegan bacon also available in the market today.

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How Is Bacon Made?

how is bacon made

This process requires meat with a high quantity of fat. Usually, pork bellies are used as they have high fat but other meats can also be used to make bacon including duck, goat, beef and etc.

In the start, one needs to prepare the salt which will be used to cure the meat. You will be needing 400 grams of kosher salt, 200 grams of sugar, and 50 grams of pink curing salt. When I say pink salt it means Sodium Nitrite. Combine all the ingredients together and store them at room temperature.
Next, you will be needing any high-fat part of the meat. If you are Muslim I highly suggest getting halal meat which will make the bacon halal for you. All you need to do now is marinate the salt on the sides top and every part of the meat till it’s totally covered. You can also add some crushed ginger to add to the taste.

Now just put your cured meat in a zipline air-tight bag in the refrigerator for about a week. It’s just a matter of some patience now. After 7 days the meat will be cured and you need to take it out. Use an oven or a smoker and set it to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once the bacon is done you will need to peel off the top skin with a knife. Let the meat sit there until it reaches room temperature and then refrigerate it for at least a night and it will be ready by the next morning.

You can also watch the video on how to make bacon here:

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Is Bacon Halal?

is bacon halal

Anything halal means that it’s allowed for Muslims to consume whether it is vegan or seafood and even halal animals which are slaughtered. Halal bacon presumes that all the ingredients used in the bacon will be halal and permitted according to Islam.

The first part is meat. We can’t use pork as all the pig meat is haram or not allowed for Muslims to eat. We can use halal meat like turkey or duck or even beef. The animals should be slaughtered according to Islamic principles.

Next, we need ingredients to cure the meat. Ingredients used are sugar, kosher salt, and curing salt. All three of them are halal to Muslims.

If you follow all the halal principles the bacon itself will be halal for Muslims and perfectly safe to eat.

I have found halal brands that also make bacon and you can go and buy them if you don’t want to make bacon at home.

You Can Order Halal Bacon Here

If you are still suspicious watch a Muslim brother enjoying bacon:

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Halal Bacon Sandwich

If you have been missing out on bacon you might also be missing out on the all-delicious halal bacon sandwich.

Don’t worry you can enjoy the sandwich and if you have been worried about its halal status be assured it’s halal. Learn how to make a homemade halal bacon sandwich by Amna who ate bacon for the first time:


Can you eat bacon in Islam?

Consumption of pork is not allowed in Islam. If the bacon is not made of pork and all the ingredients used including the meat is halal then Muslims can eat bacon. Use halal meat to start with such as slaughtered duck, beef, or turkey. Get all the halal ingredients to cure the meat including kosher salt and marinate. This bacon will be halal and allowed for Muslims to consume.

What type of bacon is halal?

Halal bacon is made from all the halal ingredients. Halal meat and ingredients are used to make the bacon. Halal meat can be a halal duck or halal goat or even halal beef. Some bacon is also made from fish which will make the bacon halal without even worrying about the slaughtering of the animal.

Can Muslims eat turkey bacon?

Yes, Muslims can eat turkey bacon as long as the turkey was slaughtered according to Islamic principles. If the turkey and all the other ingredients used are halal then it makes the bacon halal for Muslims.

Is bacon made out of pig?

Usually, bacon is made out of pig bellies. You can also use other animal’s meat to make bacon as well. The most popular are duck, goats, and beef. Some people even make fish bacon.

Is there halal pork?

Halal meat should be slaughtered and allowed to be eaten in Islam. Pigs are not allowed no matter what. There is no halal pork.

Why is bacon so unhealthy?

High levels of saturated fat are present in bacon. Saturated fat causes your blood to have more bad cholesterol. Bacon is also heavy in salt and high blood pressure is linked to eating too much salt. Heart disease and stroke risk are both increased by high blood pressure.

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Final Thoughts

If you are Muslim and are wondering if there is any halal bacon out there. The answer is yes. You can try out halal brands that make halal bacon or you can yourself make halal homemade bacon.

To begin with, find halal meat. Use all the halal ingredients to cure the meat and you have halal bacon. After this article, I hope all your doubts relating to bacon would be cleared and you can enjoy some halal bacon if you feel like it.

And Allah Knows Best.

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