Is Deer Halal? [Can Muslims Hunt?]

is deer halal

Herbivore animals such as deer, sheep, and goats are examples of halal meat for Muslims to consume. Muslims are even permitted to hunt some animals, such as deer because it is difficult to capture them alive.

There are many rules that a Muslim must follow in order for the meat of a deer to be halal if it has been slaughtered or hunted. We have covered all of the Islamic rulings concerning deer and hunting.

What does Islam say About Deer?

Islam is a religion of compassion and mercy. It only commands and forbids what is in the best interests of humanity.

Allah says in the Quran:

Say, ˹O Prophet,˺ “I do not find in what has been revealed to me anything forbidden to eat except carrion, running blood, swine—which is impure—or a sinful offering in the name of any other than Allah. But if someone is compelled by necessity—neither driven by desire nor exceeding immediate need—then surely your Lord is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

[Quran 6:145]

This verse tells Muslims that Allah has allowed us to eat from all that Allah has made halal except pork and blood and other animals who are killed in the name of other than God.

Deer is halal in the light of this verse as far as the deer is slaughtered in the name of Allah and none other. 

Allah also said:

Forbidden to you are carrion, blood, and swine; what is slaughtered in the name of any other than Allah; what is killed by strangling, beating, a fall, or by being gored to death; what is partly eaten by a predator unless you slaughter it; and what is sacrificed on altars. You are also forbidden to draw lots for decisions.1 This is all evil. Today the disbelievers have given up all hope of ˹undermining˺ your faith. So do not fear them; fear Me! Today I have perfected your faith for you, completed My favour upon you, and chosen Islam as your way. But whoever is compelled by extreme hunger—not intending to sin—then surely Allah is All-Forgiving, Most Merciful.

[Quran 5:3]

Again Allah has ordered Muslims to eat from the lawful animals that Allah has provided. All the predators are haram and deer is not a predator animal.

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Is Hunting Halal?

In this video from Huda TV, it is explained that hunting is allowed for Muslims however there are certain exceptions of timings. As said in the video hunting is prohibited during the hajj or holy month of Muslims when in ihram. Muslims should follow all these rulings. 

He also added and provided his own experience of fishing with his family. All Muslims eat fish and consider it halal. Fishing is also a method of hunting. We hunt fish when we are fishing. Hunting is allowed for Muslims if only they want to eat the animal.

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Islamic Rules Of Hunting

Sometimes hunting is solely done for pleasure. Many people have a hobby and they hire cars and guns just to spend in the wild to hunt for pleasure. They bring back the heads and skins of hunted animals as a souvenir.

In Islam hunting for fun is haram or prohibited. You are only allowed to hunt if you aim to eat the animal and of course, the animal needs to be among the halal kind.

The first thing to keep in mind is that whenever you are hunting an animal you will be using a gun or an arrow or some weapon. Make sure to say Allah’s name before taking the shot. This will make the hunt halal.

Secondly do make sure that the animal does not feel much pain and you need to end its misery asap. After taking the shot you need to go over there and slaughter the animal and end its life. Sometimes hunters take the shot and the animal suffers a lot of the time which is against the animal rulings of Islam.

One more thing to make sure of is that the animal died because of the blood loss and not cause of pain due to the hunt. Blood loss is a mandatory act as this is what separates halal from haram.

There is a fatwa on hunting by Mufti Shafiq Jakhura:

“The basic rules in this regard are:

At the time of firing the gun the name of Allah should be taken.

Once the animal is shot one should go in pursuit of the animal to slaughter it.

If the animal is found alive it should be slaughtered.

If the animal is dead on arrival, it would be deemed to be halaal provided:

a) the animal died due to the wound afflicted and the loss of blood and not due to the sheer impact of the bullet.

b) One continued in pursuit of the animal after shooting it until it was found. If the process of searching for the animal was not continuous in that it was halted for even a short while, the animal will not be deemed to be halaal.”


Muslims have to follow all the points there in order to make the hunt halal.

There is one more detailed answer on hunting the deer Islamic way. To read it click here.

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How do you slaughter a deer halal?

Halal slaughter requires a single pass of the blade across the animal’s throat, severing the carotid arteries, jugular vein, and trachea just like slaughtering any other animal.

Can Muslims eat bears?

Predator animals with fangs are prohibited (e.g. cats, dogs, bears, lions, wolves).

Is a deer kosher?

According to Jewish law, birds and mammals must be slaughtered before being eaten. Sheep, cattle, goats, and deer are all kosher and can be eaten.

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Final Thoughts

The consumption of deer is considered halal for Muslims. It is permitted to hunt deer because it is difficult to capture the animal.

Islamic rules must be followed when hunting an animal. Say Allah’s name before shooting the animal. If the animal is not dead immediately, it must be slaughtered. Make sure the animal is in as little pain as possible. Hunting for entertainment is prohibited. Muslims must follow all of these rules when hunting.

And Allah Knows Best.

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